Our cinematic approach emerges hybrid documentary film style which encompasses the most appropriate cinematic techniques to portray your organization's image and communicate effectively all the intended key messages of the video in clear and yet, most dynamic and entertaining manner for our target audience.

We firmly believe in the importance of having a thorough pre production to ensure a smooth and productive shoot that will give us the luxury to be creative rather than trying to get the shots done frantically in a rushed time frame facing technical issues in an unpredicted set. Location scouting will be very helpful in carefully planning an efficient shoot that would make it convenient for the client and interviewees.

Principal photography is a crucial production element that we'd rather not take any compromises on, hoping to "fix all problems in post" later. That's why we'll insist on using very talented and capable technical crew with top-notched talent, proven experience, distinct style and guaranteed skills that the entire country will be proud of.  

Music Video

Lebanese Festival 2015

Lebanese Festival 2016

Lebanese Festival 2017

Lebanese Festival 2017 Promo

Lebanese Festival 2018 Promo


Fadi's catering

Lions's Poker Palace

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